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Once an addict has admitted to a problem, cocaine detox is the first step in recovery, and after cocaine detox has taken place proper substance abuse treatment can take place successfully. Cocaine detox is a complicated process and licensed professionals must supervise it to ensure the safety of the addict and any other people involved. Although a cocaine detox does not have to be performed in a medical facility the resources available for a withdrawing cocaine addict are much better than those available at home or non-medical facilities. Cocaine detox specialists are also able to give the addict some type of understanding about the process and what options are available once a person has detoxed.

Cocaine abuse and addiction are very detrimental to a person’s physical, mental and emotional health. At Spencer Recovery Centers we understand this and our program for cocaine detox takes into consideration all aspects of a person’s well being. During the cocaine detox process first we stress detoxing physically so that the mind is more aware for the remainder of the treatment. The body must be addressed first during detox because it was affected first when the person was using. When a user puts cocaine into the body a chemical reaction takes place within the user’s bloodstream. The addiction to the drug is mild at first but, over time, with constant use the body believes that it cannot function without the use of cocaine. For this reason, the chemical products and byproducts that cocaine has produced in the body must be gently removed through a very careful detox process. By having the detox take place in a very controlled environment the client feels safer and less threatened. Our specialists have been trained to place care and comfort at the forefront of the detox process.

At Spencer we pride ourselves in the number of quality detox programs that we offer. Each of our detox programs deals with issues specific to the abused substance. While taking the step to physically detox the body is essential, it is also important to take into consideration the other aspects of a person’s being. We do this by providing programs that address spiritual, emotional and mental detoxification and cleansing.

Cocaine is a very insidious drug and it infiltrates all aspects of a user’s life. By providing a complete detox experience for the user, we help them to build a solid foundation in recovery and make long-term sobriety a possibility.

After the physical detox is completed, we immediately begin to work on the emotional aspect of the cocaine detox. We provide various types of group counseling as well as one-on-one therapy to address the emotional damage that cocaine abuse and addiction has caused in a person’s life. Our compassionate and supportive environment is very helpful during this withdrawal process. Throughout the emotional phase of the cocaine detox, the patient is slowly cleansed and rebuilt.

Cocaine addiction hinders the user in many ways and makes it almost impossible for the person to have any meaningful relationships in his/her life. At Spencer Recovery Centers we strive to clear away the wreckage that cocaine abuse has caused in a person’s life and help them to start over. Through the cocaine detox process many important lessons are learned, and by continuing with our recovery treatment programs we can help to create a solid foundation in sobriety and a new way of life. If you or someone you love is suffering from the pain of cocaine addiction and needs to detox in order to start living again, please contact us today. Let us bring that hope to you or your loved one today.