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Often times cocaine abuse symptoms go unnoticed because cocaine abuse symptoms are subtle and hard to identify. As cocaine abuse escalates, cocaine abuse symptoms become more apparent and are easier to detect. For occasional users, cocaine abuse symptoms by start off as a nosebleed or increased heart rate, however with continual use, symptoms such as cardiac arrest and severe health problems may occur. Cocaine abuse and addiction can lead to hospitalization and death.

The use of cocaine affects the way a person thinks, acts and feels. A person who has begun to abuse cocaine and is becoming addicted to the drug will focus more and more energy on acquiring and using the drug. One extremely detrimental cocaine abuse symptom is obsession or craving. Once a person has become addicted to cocaine, their mind and body have an obsession with the drug that is curbed only when the drug is found and used.

As soon as cocaine enters the body it begins to take control of the user’s mind. The user becomes increasingly consumed with the prospected of using more cocaine. This mental obsession grows larger and begins to manifest itself in the user’s actions. As the user becomes more desperate for the drug, he/she will do whatever it takes to find more cocaine: lie, cheat, steal, etc. Drug addicts are notorious for stealing from loved ones, lying about their use and finding devious ways to get the drugs they need. Many users find themselves in jail and other situations that they never thought were possible.

In addition to the mental cocaine abuse symptoms that the user feels, there are also physical consequences for using the drug. The chemical makeup within the body must readjust itself in order to have the ability to consume a foreign substance. The user becomes physically hooked to the drug from the very first use. There are a wide range of physical cocaine abuse symptoms including less severe symptoms such as loss of appetite and nosebleeds, to more sever symptoms such as heart and respiratory problems. Over time the nasal passage through which the drug travels will disintegrate causing uncontrollable nosebleeds and a loss of sensory nerves. Eventually the user will become physically ill, experiencing cocaine abuse symptoms such as stomach cramps, cold sweats and increased heart rate. In time continuous cocaine abuse and the worsening of these symptoms can lead to death.

At Spencer Recovery Centers, we offer the abuser a way out from a life full of cocaine abuse symptoms. Spencer Recovery Centers addresses all aspects of cocaine use including all of the cocaine abuse symptoms involved. Through a comprehensive treatment program, Spencer begins to repair the mental and physical damage that cocaine has inflicted upon the user. We provide our clients with one-on-one counseling, along with group therapy and other constructive activities. The ties that were broken during months, or perhaps years of cocaine use can be repaired with the help of Spencer’s professionals and program.

At Spencer Recovery Centers there is a renewed hope that a once-cocaine user can learn to live without abusing drugs. If you or someone you love suffers from cocaine addiction or an addiction to another drug, Spencer Recovery Centers can help. Saving lives cannot wait; call today for a free consultation.