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Cocaine withdrawal, like withdrawal from any addictive drug is an extremely difficult process, however cocaine withdrawal is absolutely necessary to abstain from further use of the drug. At Spencer Recovery Centers, cocaine withdrawal is treated with the utmost care and we are dedicated to making withdrawal as comfortable as possible. Cocaine withdrawal is a complicated process and requires the professional expertise of drug addiction specialists such as the staff at Spencer Recovery Centers. We strive to bring the patient the most comfort possible during the uncomfortable process of cocaine withdrawal.

Cocaine is considered a highly addictive drug and over time users become physically dependent on the drug in order to function. Undertaking the process of cocaine withdrawal means that the abuser has made a decision to be released from the binds of cocaine dependence.

For many cocaine addicts, quitting, even for a day seems like an enormous task. Sometimes it is easier for the user to think of stopping just for one day or just for a few minutes at a time. The beginning of the cocaine withdrawal process is the hardest since the user’s body automatically wants more of the drug. This desire is known as a “craving” and is possibly the hardest part of cocaine withdrawal a person has to experience. During the craving period the body tells the mind that it needs more cocaine and when this physiological connection is opened the obsession to use become very powerful. Instead of giving into the obsession, a withdrawing cocaine addict must occupy his/her mind with new, unrelated thoughts. This stage of cocaine withdrawal usually only lasts for about a week and after this period the body will no longer have a physical craving for cocaine. Although getting rid of the physical craving is essential in remaining free of addiction, the mental obsession will still exist and can exist for an indefinite amount of time. If an ex-cocaine addict does not know how to effectively manage these mental cravings, he/she will return to old habits and will eventually relapse of cocaine.

At Spencer our trained professionals are able to provide each individual with the tools necessary to function without the use of cocaine. Addiction is characterized by heavy denial on the part of the user and by going through treatment this denial is broken and makes relapse less of a possibility. Through the use of a comprehensive treatment program after the cocaine withdrawals have subsided, we make living life without drugs possible. Clients participate in one-on-one counseling in order to relieve any fears they might have and help them open up to the principles of recovery. Once one-on-one counseling has begun the client also engages on a group level. For someone undergoing cocaine withdrawal and still struggling with the obsession to use, group counseling is an essential tool because group members offer each other their hope and experience in relation to using and staying in recovery. The addict will be able to hear stories from other addicts and understand how it is possible remain free from cocaine abuse. With this foundation in place, the cocaine addict is able to begin on the path towards recovery and a productive life.

Spencer Recovery Centers, located on both coasts, has the tools and resources to help the recovery process begin. If you or someone you love has a substance abuse problem or is suffering from cocaine withdrawal, help is just a phone call away. Our highly trained staff is ready to make the cocaine withdrawal process as comfortable as possible for the user. Please contact us today for more information and consultation. 800.281.4166.